Apply For SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme

SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme has commenced its data collection for her 2021/2022 Wet Cropping Season for all Smallholder Farmers and Cooperatives across the Nation to farm in Agricultural Production Clusters (Agro-PCs) a cluster farming model which is aimed at addressing the challenges often faced by Smallholder Farmers for farming individually at small scale.


Farmers access to credit facilities is supported to be an accelerator of agricultural development through a wide spread break away from traditional technology and by fostering the generalized adoption of developed and improved technology.
To provide to farmers high-quality fertilizers at the right time and in adequate quantities to increase crop productivity.
To position the smallholder farmers on a pedestal in which the Smallholder Farmer would benefit from every intervention performance.



To register, you must be at least 18yrs of age and interested in farming one out of our enterprise crops in Agro-PC (Agricultural Production Cluster), our cluster farming model.
Above 18yrs of age, interested applicant should create your profile to enable you to register as a Member of SEIFAC in order to qualify you for the SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrower programe.
After done with Creating profile then login unto your SEIFAC Profile and then apply for the SEIFAC/CBN ABP for 2021/2022 Wet Cropping Season.
You are required to open your SEIFAC Project Account with our Official Bankers which will be made known to you through your provided email address and on our website on the news menu. Upload your SEIFAC Project Account and BVN to your profile within one week after registration OR you stand to be unregistered from our database.

Interested Applicants Please Apply Here

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